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What makes it a Plus? In addition to the 30+ services included in the BUDAPEST CARD product range for free, you also get an airport transfer, a cruise on the Danube, a ride on the Buda Castle Funicular Railway and a chimney cake from Molnár’s, all free of charge.

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Budapest Card - Get the most out of your stay!

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How to use Budapest Card?
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Select your card type according to the length of stay and buy online! 1
Redeem your Budapest Card against your voucher at any Budapestinfo Point location at the airport or in the city centre. 2
Fill out the “Valid from” month, day, time and sign the card before starting to use it! 3
Start using your Budapest Card from your first moment in Budapest, present your Budapest Card when requested on trams, buses and metros and enjoy a free ride to the city centre from the airport. 4
Present your Budapest Card when requested on trams, buses and metros and enjoy free transportation across the city, show your card for free entry to museums and attractions or join the free guided walking tours. 5

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International Nature Film Festival International Nature Film Festival 2100 Gödöllő, Royal Palace of Gödöllő 2019-05-26 09:00 Nowadays the International Nature Film Festival Gödöllő has become an outstanding nature and environmental conservation event in the region. With the support of the profession and the media, we have managed to draw the attention to Gödöllő, to the values of the nature and their importance during the Festival. In 2018 more than 1500 films were submitted from 104 different countries! Two Filmreviews are announced every year: International Nature Filmreview in 6 categories Carpathian Basin Filmreview in 3 categories. During the Festival last year 160 films were screened freely, in 5 different spots and approximately 40 000 people visited the Festival, Gödöllő and watched films. Thematical screening spots are the followings: Riding Hall, Royal Palace, Gödöllő - naturefilms; two section room, Royal Palace, Gödöllő - documentaries; Animations tent, Alsópark; Main stage, Led-wall, Alsópark – highlighted films every evening and movies from the partners, supporters of the festival during afternoons. At the same time of the festival in 27 different locations – besides them in 6 national parks – films were screened about nature and environmental conservation, protection in the frame of the National Nature and Environmental Protection Film Days where thousands of visitors participated. Together with the M5 TV channel, we have created the „Nature’s Day” program which broadcasted two hours long sessions live three times on Sunday’s programs of the Festival. Thanks to everyone who visited to the Festival and took part in the programs or just followed the events.

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