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Spring Fair on Vörösmarty Square
Folk art and traditional material culture rendezvous with modern design and the latest trends on Vörösmarty Square: this is the Spring Fair, which not only offers a chance to meet the craftsmen in person, but cultural refreshments as well.
Budapest Card 2013
Budapest Festival and Tourism Centre Nonprofit Ltd. held a press conference to present the new features of the capital’s only official city card. Fitted with NFC technology, the Budapest Card can provide tourists with information on the most sought-after services and top attractions, said Deputy Mayor Miklós Csomós.
The city that revolves around You
The whole Budapest is a huge Museum with ever changing exhibitions and installations. Even if it’s buzzing around you, you have got to find a second to pause. On the riverbank or on a hill, in a gallery or in a café, lay back for a minute and remember: you are in the best place you could possibly be. From the blossoming trees to the snowy streets find the places, where you feel that Budapest revolves around you indeed.
Tuned to an active lifestyle
Since thousads of years the river Danube has been flowing in the same way in the middle of the city, however you have got to break out! Jogging and paragliding you can choose any sport. Observe the ryhthm , and be a part of that massive energy, when everybody is crossing the river on the Chain Bridge running a marathon. If you live here, it’s impossibble to live without sports, as Budapest always insipiring for an acitve lifstyle.
The ever renewing city
Wait until dusk on the Danube bank, and soon you will see how many new lights are lit on the horizon. New things often happen behind the scenes, and revealed unexpectedly. If you check this menu often, you get easily engaged and frequently rewarded by new reports about the emerging new values of Budapest.
This place is a gift of nature
There are no coincidences, but if there were, it would be quite unbelievable that a city of this is rewarded with this generosity. You can sunbath on the hills or take the plunge in a historic bath: no way you will belive that you are in a capital. Our thermal waters and clean fresh air is envied by many.

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